Welcome to Modern Day Alchemy

MDA (formerly know as Bare) is a melange of harmony-laiden, folk-tinged indie rock with splashes of electronic production and instrumentation. It began in 2006 when members Joshua Ritter and Karen Joy Ellis went to the Pocanos in Pennsylvania for a weekend getaway. As a newly established couple, they weren't sure if musical collaboration was such a good idea. That weekend proved that nothing could have been better. Their first collaborative effort, entitled "Kept Inside" was born.

Love has always fed and nurtured this project; their love for each other, as well as their collective and insatiable drive to create music that manifests their internal expression. They married in 2007 and now have a family of two identical twin boys, a dog and two cats.

Joshua and Karen came from diverse musical backgrounds, but mutually found late 60's and 70's artist such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Donovan, Kate Bush, David Bowie and many others to be an inspiration and a musical foundation. Integrating modern electronic instrumentation has enhanced their overall sound, but the songwriting structure always remains tantamount.